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Located in Bisbee, AZ, in the Neighborhood of Saginaw, facing route 80. The shack (garage) is fully equipped to work on almost any analog audio device.

Our Service Benches are equipped with highly specialized test equipment as well as high quality hand tools that match the refined craftsmanship of our repair technicians. Your audio equipment is literally in good hands.

Our soldering stations are always kept shipshape so that they are ready for action at the flick of a switch. Precision woodworking tools are available to make possible the restoration of vintage enclosures, and other delicate customized work.

Behind the Shack we have a Research Lab, where Vacuum Tube Amplifiers are designed and tested. We are currently working on our first Boutique Amp Prototype.

The smell of coffee permeates our work day. We hope you like coffee, because that’s what we’ll offer you when you come over to bring us your audio device to be repaired. Even if you don’t like coffee we will not hold that against you; we will make every effort to treat you and your device with the respect it deserves. You probably respect your device enough to bring it in for repairs, we understand, we also get attached to our sound gear!


We welcome the opportunity to service your sound equipment.

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