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We are a group of old school analog audio enthusiasts and lifelong learners, each one of us with different areas of interest and expertise that we like to share.

All of us regard soldering as a true artform and science. 

For us each repair job is a puzzle that has to be solved, as well as a learning opportunity. Oftentimes two of us may be working on the same equipment, sharing expertise and helping each other.

Some repair jobs are fairly straightforward, and some are elusive and complicated; we relish those challenges. Please know that we will only charge you for the labor needed to restore your device, not the (sometimes considerable) time spent scratching our heads. But rest assured that if the ‘puzzle’ is beyond our collective capabilities, we will respectfully decline to service your device.


We have access to extensive libraries of schematics, which takes the guesswork out of fault finding. Our suppliers are well stocked with quality parts and components, ready to be shipped at a moment’s notice.

We strive to bring new life to your sound device. We believe that nearly all analog sound devices deserve to be repaired. This is especially true of vintage electronics.

We welcome the opportunity to service your sound equipment.

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